Vision Boards That Work

Simple Examples to Help You Achieve Your Dreams and Goals

What kind of life do you imagine yourself living today? Next year? What kind of life do you imagine yourself living five years from now?

Live the life you imagined

Use your imagination to picture yourself achieving that life.

Now take those imaginations and make a Vision Board!

Simply: A Vision Board is a visual reminder of things you’d like to have in your life. Pictures of what you’d like to achieve, pictures of what you’d like to experience, pictures of what you’d like to feel.

One reason people don’t reach their goals is that they don’t picture themselves really achieving them—they get busy with life and they forget that the goal was important to them in the first place. (See Baby Steps blog.)

Is there something you’d like to do in your life? Do you have a place you’d like to visit or a personal or professional goal you’d like to achieve?  Put a picture that represents that goal on the Vision Board.

The idea behind the Vision Board is that if you can see it–you can achieve it. It’s a visual reminder of what is important to you – it helps you keep your mind on the goal and it strengthens your subconscious so you’ll make decisions to help you achieve the goal.

Vision Boards That Work -

When you start to make your Vision Board keep in mind there are no right or wrong ways to make one. No one is going to grade you on this project. It’s your personal vision-it will reflect what inspires and what you want to achieve.

Here are 2 easy ways to make a Vision Board–

  1. Make a Vision Board by cutting pictures and words out of a magazine and glue them on paper or poster board. Then put the board where you will see it a couple times of day—when you brush your teeth you can look at your Vision Board and let those pictures of what you’d like to do sink into your memory. You can also use your phone to take a picture of your board so you always have it with you. Then get into the habit of looking at the pic when you are standing in line waiting for something. The more you rehearse your goals the more likely you are to achieve them.
  1. Another easy way to make a Vision Board is to use Pinterest on your phone, laptop or tablet.  Make a board specifically for the vision you have for your life. Include pictures of words and phrases that describe what you want to achieve. Frequently review the board to keep your vision in mind. Since it’s so easy to keep pinning – every so often refine your board so it really reflects what’s important to you and not just what caught your attention one day.

It’s your life–imagine the best for it!