Want Super Hero Self Confidence? Try This Simple Power Pose Tip From Dr. Amy Cuddy

Have you ever had that horrible feeling when you are confidently going through your day and something unexpected happens and you feel any self confidence you had slowly slipping away?

For me, when a colleague would tell me that the boss wanted to see me, I would get the same sinking feeling I got as a kid when I got called into the principal’s office!

How to Increase Your Self Confidence The Super Hero Way

I never thought, “Oh good, the principal wants to see me – maybe he wants to give me an award.” No, I always thought, “Oh, oh I am in trouble!” It was the same feeling I got when the boss would want to see me – my self confidence would slip away!

I wish I had known the simple super hero way I could increase my confidence that I more recently learned from the awesome Harvard professor and bestselling author, Dr. Amy Cuddy.

The one easy way to increase your self confidence is called: The Power Pose!

You can see Dr. Cuddy’s awesome presentation on Ted Talks or you can watch it below. It takes about 20 minutes and is totally worth every minute of it—it’s information that you can immediately apply and it will change your life.

In super duper layman’s terms the Power Pose is the pose that you’ve seen Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman do – with their hands on their hips and their legs apart.

In the amazing study Dr. Cuddy found that the way we physically position our bodies affects the chemical balance inside our bodies. When people do the power pose or some variation of it – our bodies respond positively – the hormone testosterone goes up and the hormone cortisol goes down. Simply put, as l like to think of it… the power pose makes the self confidence hormone go up and the anxiety hormone go down.

This means that with very little effort you can increase your confidence immediately!  Stop right now and do the Super Hero pose!

Take this research from Dr. Amy Cuddy and make it your simply rich life self confidence tip….

The first thing in the morning – get out of bed, put your hands on your hips, take a couple of deep breaths and then raise your arms in a victory stance over your head and realize you have jump started your confidence for the day.

Throughout the day even at your desk – take breaks where you put your hands on your hips, or clasp your hands behind your head and stretch. Take a breath in and let it out and then continue about your day. These are simple moves that no one around you is going to really notice or be bothered by. You will be increasing your confidence and decreasing your anxiety.

When you take restroom breaks take an extra minute to stand in a power pose-stretching your neck, taking a deep breath in and out. You are naturally increasing your confidence and likability.

Go confidently about your day!!!

Remember to Keep It Simple, Sweetie!

All the best,